Functionalized Single Layer Graphene Oxide

his material is a new addition to a family of 2D crystals. Unlike graphene oxide, this new material can be dissolved in a variety of organic solvents. However, this material is hydrophobic and can not be dissolved in water. The functionalized graphene oxide can be used for numerous applications as a reinforcement for polymers and nanocomposites as well as for the preparation of hydrophobic films. The highlights for Functionalized Single Layer Graphene Oxide include:

  • A new type of modified graphene oxide
  • ORG-GO disperses in organic solvents with concentrations as high as 20-40 g/L
  • ORG-GO readily forms superhydrophobic films
  • Greatly improved thermal stability if compared to pristine graphene oxide


Key Features

  • Form: Dry powder
  • Flake size: 0.3-5 microns
  • Thickness: 1 atomic layer
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