Graphene Nanopowder A 12

Graphene Nanopowder: A-12: 3nm

Available pack size:

  1. 5 gm
  2. 25 gm  


SEM Image of A-12 GNP. Please note, the circle in the image is a result of the underlying substrate 

                             Raman Spectrum


An additive for Lithium-Ion batteries

Graphene-polymer composite materials

Electrically and thermally conductive composites

Conductive coatings

Aerospace industry

Fire retardants

Support for metaliic catalysts

Low permeability materials

Electro-static Dissipation (ESD) films

Chemical and bio sensors

Multifunctional Materials Based on Graphene

Graphene Research



Key Features

  • Color: Black
  • Average Thickness: > 3nm (between 3-8 graphene monolayers)
  • Lateral dimensions: 2-8 microns
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