Reduced Graphene Oxide Foam Granules

The Reduced Graphene Oxide Foam boasts a low density of approximately 20 mg/cm3. This ultralight material can remarkably hold up to 3,500%-8,000% of its own weight of organic solvents and oils, all while being unaffected by water. The overlapping of RGO flakes form a mechanically robust foam with excellent electrical conductivity.


  • Absorption- Foamed RGO structure is hydrophobic and is not wetted by water, hence can be utilized as a sorbent material. It exhibits remarkable absorption of organic solvents and petroleum products. It has been shown that reduced aerogel can absorb vacuum oil up to 37 times its weight.
  • Energy Storage- It can also be employed as an electrode for electrochemical applications as this item displays great volume resistivity.
  • Sensors- An ideal material for 3D gas and biosensors. Robust 3D network allow easy incorporation in devices.
  • Composites- Unique three-dimensional structure facilitates dispersion of reduced graphene oxide in polymers and epoxies minimizing agglomeration of graphene platelets, the most common issue negatively affecting properties of graphene composites.


Key Features

  • Purity: >99%
  • Density: 20 mg/cm3
  • Average Granule Size: 3 - 10 millimeters
  • Volume Conductivity: 5 Ohm x cm
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