25 pack: CVD Graphene TEM Grid on Lacey Carbon Support

CVD graphene grown on Ni to prepare TEM grids

Thickness of CVD Graphene film: 0.3-2 nm (1-6 monolayers)Typical graphene coverage:60-90%Ultrathin CVD Graphene grids provide the ideal specimen support to achieve high resolution data in TEM imaging making them an ideal choice many TEM applications such as

CVD Graphene grids can be used for the applications:

•       Imaging of nanoparticles, proteins, viruses, DNA 

•       Medical Diagnostics

•       Single Cell Studies

•       3D protein imaging

•       Drug design

•       Imaging of Biological Markers and bio-inspired nanomaterials

•      Cryo-transmission electron microscopy, Electron Cryomicroscopy

•      Single Particle Analysis ( SPA )

•      Materials science and Semiconductor Research

•      Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS)


Key Features

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