Muffle Furnace LMFA10

Model of Labtron Muffle furnace LMF-A Series is uniquely designed for optimized insulation and minimum heat loss. It keeps the temperature of the outer furnace body minimum which makes it easy for the user to operate. Chamber is heated by electric resistance heaters. The built-in fan system allows the abrasive gases come out of the furnace through a chimney.

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Key Features

  • Capacity 3.1 L
  • Program Memories 1
  • Temperature Accuracy ±1°C
  • Maximum Temprature 950°C
  • Thermal Rate 5°C/min-15°C/min
  • Amperage (Imax) 6.6 A
  • Heating Program Direct
  • Internal Dimension 130x105x230mm
  • Overall Dimension 360x480x540mm
  • Gross Weight 30 kg
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