Nano particle size analyzer LNPA A10

Nano-particle size analyzer LNPA-A10 having fast test speed is an easy to operate and highly precise particle size analyzer based on dynamic light scattering and Brownian movement principle for measuring wide particle size range of 1-10000 nm

Executive standard

GB/T 19627-2005/ISO 13321:1996 GB/T 29022-2012/ISO 22412:2008


Dynamic light scattering & Brownian motion

Measuring range

1 nm-10000 nm

Concentration range

0.1 mg/ml-100 mg/ml

Sample type

Suspension, emulsion and powders

Test speed

< 5 min

Light source

Semiconductor laser, 532 nm

Scattering angle


Temperature control


Digital correlator

256 channels


< 1 %


< 1 %

Sample cuvette

4 ml

Software running

Win XP/Win 7

Dimension (L x W x H)

480 x 270 x 170 mm

Net weight

12 kg

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Key Features

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