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CVD Graphene Film/CVD h-BN Film Heterostructure on SiO2/S

Properties of Graphene/h-BN Film:

Single Layer Graphene Film on Single Layer h-BN Film transferred onto 285 nm (p-doped) SiO2/Si wafer
Size: 1cmx1cm; 4 pack
The thickness and quality of each film is controlled by Raman Spectroscopy
The coverage of this product is about 98%
The films are continuous, with minor holes and organic residues
High Crystalline Quality
The graphene film is premodominantly single layer (more than 95%) with occasional small multilayer islands (less than 5% bi-layers)
Sheet Resistance: 430-800 Ω/square Available Size: 1cmx1cm; 4 pack

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