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Tutorial Pro

The Tutorial Pro allows you to run solar experiments to power the electrolyser and collect the generated hydrogen and oxygen gases in the storage tanks. Then, you can use the gases for the PEM fuel cell to generate power for either the H2/O2 or H2/Air mode. This kit also provides the opportunity to build a self contained solar hydrogen system or fill up a hydrogen powered model car with its’ own solar hydrogen station.


✔ Compact system on one base-plate
✔ Clear, self-explanatory set-up
✔ Sturdy construction
✔ Short setup time


• Electrolyzer Cell 5
• x2 Storage 30
• Fuel Cell Hydrogen / Oxygen / Air
• Holder Set
• Vehicle Plate
• Solar Module Tutorial
• Fan Tutorial
• Banana Plug Cables
• Metal Base Plate
• Instructional Textbook

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