Gold Conjugation Kit for Lateral Flow

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NanoComposix Gold Conjugation Kit offers the advantage of covalent binding in two different gold sizes – 40 nm and 80 nm – to quickly screen and optimize gold conjugates for robust, high-performing lateral flow assays. This kit eliminates the need to pre-screen and validate critical reagents and supplies to ensure your best chance of success. Kit components include:

  • BioReady carboxyl 40 nm or 80 nm gold particles, 20 OD
  • Desalting column for removal of interfering reagents (NaCl, azide, tris, glycine)
  • EDC and Sulfo-NHS
  • All buffers necessary to complete the conjugation
  • Step-by-step conjugation procedure and optimization
  • New: Complementary 2 hours of technical and assay development support


Gold Conjugation Kit for Lateral Flow
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