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Dispersions (also called ionomers) are one of the critical components of fuel cell components. Catalyst layers require improved ionic conductivity for their optimal operation and hence, preparation of catalyst slurries with the correct dispersion materials will enable high performances. Dispersion (or ionomers) also act as binder agents such as securing the catalyst particles either on the surface of the gas diffusion layers or on the surface of the membranes. During the evaporation of the catalyst ink solvents, a microporous structure is left behind and this helps to bring gaseous or liquid reactants to the catalyst layer or it facilitates the removal of generated gaseous by-products away from the catalyst layer.

Nafion™ PFSA Polymer Dispersions
Teflon™ Dispersions
Fumion Dispersion
Sustainion® Ionomer
Orion Polymer Dispersions
Solvay Aquivion® PFSA Dispersions
Xergy Dispersions/Solutions
Versogen Dispersions

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