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Membranes have been identified as one of the key components for various consumer related applications for fuel cells, e.g. automobiles, back-up power, portable power etc. Due to its application for many consumer markets, the technology keeps on evolving to make these membranes suitable for longer duration, and even high temperature operations.

Nafion™ Membranes
FuMA-Tech Membranes
Sustainion® Membranes
Orion Polymer Membranes
Xergy™ Membranes
Solvay Aquivion® PFSA Membranes
Anion Exchange Membranes
Cation Exchange Membranes
Bipolar Membranes
Nafion™ Beads
Nafion™ Tubing
Membrane Pre-Cleaning Separator Sheets
Solvay Aquivion® PFSF Pellets
Solvay Aquivion® PFSA Powders
Versogen AEMs
Chlor-alkali Production Membranes

Call for price
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