Multiplex Assays

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  • Magnetic multiplex particles are available.
  • Excellent compatibility. Using the universal channels like FITC, PE, PERCP, DAPI and APC for detection.
  • High throughput, wide linear range, high accuracy, good repeatability and small sample volume.
  • Particle size ranging from 3.0 µm to 15.0 µm.
  • Up to 50 populations, encoded by particle sizes and fluorescence intensities.
  • Various functional groups and proteins modified on the surface for the conjugation of antibodies, oligonucleotides and peptides.

CD Bioparticles offers various multiplex particles including

  • Magnetic Multiplex Particles,
  • Dual-color Encoded Multiplex Particles,
  • Functional Multiplex Particles,
  • Plain Multiplex Particles
  • Protein-Coupled Multiplex Particles,
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