NanoXact Gold Nanoshells – Carboxyl (Lipoic Acid) (SILICA CORE)

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Gold nanoshells consist of a silica core surrounded by a gold shell. By changing the ratio of the size of the core to the thickness of the shell, the plasmon resonance can be tuned across the visible and infrared.

Carboxyl (lipoic acid) is covalently bound to the metal surface with a dithiol which forms a strong, stable bond to the metal surface. The acid provides a highly negatively charged surface.

NanoXact materials are high quality, unagglomerated and monodisperse nanoparticles.

Provided at .05 mg/mL or 1 mg/mL in .02 mM potassium carbonate.


NanoXact Gold Nanoshells – Carboxyl (Lipoic Acid) (SILICA CORE)
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